This web site has been put together by Chris Riddiough, one of the Riddioughs scattered around the world. There aren't a lot of Riddioughs in the world today. According to one genealogy directory, we only number about 1,500 worldwide. But our extended family is much larger:

  • The Gerden Family includes relatives in the United States and many more in Sweden. My mother's parents immigrated from Sweden around the turn of the last century. The Swedes have a strong social democratic tradition, which is reflected in part in my pages on globalization and feminism.
  • The Nedrow Family includes my partner and her family. They're mostly located in the Chicago area, where I'm originally from as well.
  • The Weisbroths include my sister, brother-in-law and nephew from New York and Las Vegas.
  • The Sayads, also from Chicago, are the Assyrian branch of the family--well, they're not blood relatives, but the Swedes and the Assyrians do seem to have an affinity.
In the coming months I plan to include information on my family tree, including our cats; recipes from the branches of the family, photos (at least of nieces and nephews--BJ, Jeffrey, Chelsea, Aaron and Angelo--and of the cats) and links to genealogy sites on the web. Here's the first few of those.

FamilySearch Internet Genealogy Service--this is the service from the Mormon's that linked to there world-reknown genealogy material in Salt Lake City, UT.
Family Tree Maker--they make genealogy software and have an extensive internet site.

Our family tree includes Gerdens, Weisbroths, Nedrows and Sayads.

The human being is our goal--her development and freedom, her thirst for learning and education, her will to grow and to break through new barriers, her sense of responsibility for coming generations and sense of solidarity with and love for one´s fellow human beings. It is in these terms that we can summarise the political task of social democracy in one single sentence.  --Göran Persson speaking at the Swedish Social Democratic Party congress in March 1996.

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