Who I Am

On these pages and thru the links above, I've identified some of the topics of most interest to me. To get the 'official' version of my life, you can take a look at my resume and selected publications.

My resume only tells part of the story. I have an abiding interest in politics, specifically progressive politics. I've put links to several key progressive organizations above. DSA, the Democratic Socialists of America, is the largest socialist organization in the US and the descendant of  Eugene V Debs, among others. Americans for Democratic Action (ADA) was formed by leading liberals, including Eleanor Roosevelt, and carries on the traditions of FDR and other Democrats. Progressive Challenge is an important coalition of progressive groups who are rallying around the 'Fairness Agenda'. There's more related to these issues on the globalization page at this site.

In addition, my activism is reflected in my work in the women's movement and the gay and lesbian movement. I've included links to NOW and NGLTF as examples of what's happening in those movements. I also have a feminism page at this site. I've got more links there. Included in those are a set of links to two of my favorite TV shows that feature strong women--'The Avengers' with Emma Peel and 'The Pretender' with Ms Parker.

Nature has also been a continuing interest for me. On the 'Nature' Page at this site, I've included some links to information on several key elements thereof: whales, cactus and astronomy. Art and music--while, unfortunately, not my talents--are an interest reflected above. There are also several key places that have played a role in my development, including my home town of Wauwatosa and Wauwatosa East High School, Carleton College and the city of Chicago.

Finally, I'm an IT professional and in addition to the IT page on this site with its links, I've included some sample SAS and Oracle programs to show what they can do.

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